After enjoying Happy Embodiment's services, you are likely to: 

- Feel a lot lighter and happier about who you are and life's circumstances
- Feeling confident in (how you move) your body
- Rediscover the joy of movement (watch any child)
- Discovering capacities and talents you didn't know you had
- Reawakening your dormant creative capacities and coming fully alive
- Manifesting your dreams quicker and with more ease
- Trusting and honoring your unique expression
- Thoroughly enjoying having a body and a greater sense of communion and gratitude with it

Happy Embodiment can with certainty claim that reaching the results above is very likely with the support of the services we offer, provided you commit to yourself and the change you're desiring to have. Since, as with everything in life, we get out of something what we give to it. If we're not willing to commit to the change or target we are longing for then it isn't going to show up in our lives. 

At Happy Embodiment we all share the experience that with our willingness to say yes to ourselves and our dreams, say yes to a better health and stronger, more energized body, then it will manifest. Happy Embodiment is here to assure you that you reach the results you desire. We have watched hundreds of people using our relaxation techniques and dance classes as a way to rediscover that pure joy of living, the desire to create, and honor and trust in the unique expression that each of us are. There is noone on this planet like you! Is it time to start celebrating you and have way more fun than you thought was possible? Is it time to have that vibrant health and vitality that is your birthright? Then you have come to the right place!

From agitated to peaceful in an instant -Access Bars

Learn this amazingly simple way of letting your whole body relax while your thoughts dissipate, leaving you feeling clear, refreshed and energized. 

What are the bars? Watch this video and find out:

Take a full day class and learn to give this amazing light touch therapy to others. Next class: 27/7 - 2013
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United and Unique


Aktuella klasser

Onsdag den 11/ 9 kl 19.00
Bars Gifting & Receiving
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Söndag den 15/9 kl 9.30-18.00
Access Barskurs
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Måndagar kl 18.45-19.45 (under hela hösten 2013)
Världens skäraste och roligaste dansklass: The GROOVE experience
Var? Kroppsverkstan, Hammarbyhöjden, Malmövägen 48-50
Investering: 150 kr drop in
(Det går även att köpa Klippkort eller terminskort på Kroppsverkstan)
Anmälan: 08/391500 eller

Summer Groove Classes:

Every Thursday at 18.30-19.45
from 24/6 - 8/8 at Kroppsverkstan, Malmövägen 48-50, Hammarbyhöjden
Investment: 200 kr per class or 1100 for all 7 classes. The 7-time cards are impersonal so you can let a friend come if you miss classes

For a deeper experience: Three 2-hr work shops Sundays at 18.30-20.30, 30/6, 7/7 and 28/7 In these longer work shops you will taste what it is like when your body is allowed to move the way it desires to. If you had no restrictions or concerns about what it should look like - how would it move? What does it mean to dance like no one is watching? What does it feel like? When you are so absorbed in what you're doing that time disappears?

We have put together this class to invite you to live this experience. To discover and play with your body in a way you'd forgotten you could.

Likely results and Benefits from attending:
- bodily sensations you didn't know you could have
- laughs and giggles
- a happier, healthier you
- increased gratitude for yourself and your sweet body
- really letting yourself loose on the dance floor
- less limiting beliefs about yourself and what's possible :)
Investment: 850 for all three, 650 for two and 350 per one class

More info: Or FB page Happy Embodiment

Why Dance?

Recent research that dancing is the best way (BY FAR) to prevent dementia!


Fitness and dance have gotten too complicated – choreography, left foot/right foot, 5-6-7-8, 90 degrees, 3 sets of 15, 32-count, phrasing…so many "rules" that can cause stress to instructors who have to know all of this in order to teach movement, but even more so for the everyday person who participates in a group-based dance and exercise class to simply improve or maintain her/his health!

Over-complicated movements don't allow participants to simply let go and DANCE for the health of it.
TheGROOVEMethod™ simplifies choreography so that everyBODY can successfully move and dance!

Creativity is a 'muscle' that is seldom flexed. As a result of all the rules and perceptions of what is "right /correct", participants come to our classes with an expectation to "follow-the-leader." An opportunity exists to create spaces where participants can flex not only their physical bodies but also their creative minds. 

About The GROOVE(™) method:

This is an entirely new type of dance class where you learn simple moves and then you get to dance them your way. The unique thing about GROOVE is that you cannot get it wrong!
We don't do any right foot/left foot, front or back. We realize that every individual is unique and therefore you should look different than everybody else when you move your body. We keep it super simple with only 1 or 2 moves or rhythms per song so you don't have to think. You can relax and focus your attention on HOW you are moving your body instead of trying to keep up, get it right or memorize something, hence you have the chance to FEEL the movement in your body. 

What you will experience:

Except from having a really fun, creative way of working out to various styles of music - You will have the opportunity to travel throughout the space in any direction.
There is no front or back or "correct" direction you need to worry about. In most classes, you follow, stare at and try to copy the teacher. In GROOVE this is not necessary because when you are truly dancing authentically, YOU SHOULD LOOK DIFFERENT!
As long as you are looking at and trying to keep up with the teacher, you are not dancing, you are copying. So come and discover what it is like to move authentically as you, together in a group, united in the same move/rhythm but each individual expressing their own "groove", their own way. All along being carefully guided by Linnéa Larsson, a Certified Facilitator of The GROOVE(TM).

For more info message Linnéa, For more info about the GROOVE worldwide and Misty Tripoli, visit